This is the first blog post. In the story the CYBORG became a celebrity and posted a CYB-LOG for his followers, and at first I thought it would be amusing to try something like that, and also give readers some insights into his frame of mind as he travelled the stars, but decided against it, I mean it would turn into a novel and I just don’t have the time. If I ever get the screenplay off the ground (which I’m seriously considering crowdsourcing – if you have serious writing skills and are interested in helping me finish the screenplay please contact me. I am REALLY picky and opinionated about CYBORG, it is my baby and I hold the right to veto, but if you contribute something you will get credit, and if it gets made into a movie I will try to compensate you monetarily for you contribution. That being said, I don’t even know if I will be fairly compensated – movie moguls are notorious for fucking writers in the ass), I think that his CYB-LOG would be a cool element to work into the script. I’m good at ideas and action, I suck at dialogue – that’s where I need help: futuristic, believable so-fucking-real you are there dialogue.

So anyway, here on this website this will be a traditional blog, where I will just post news regarding the C.Y.B.O.R.G. project and music, things going on with my band and me (I know “band and I” is “proper” grammar, but I don’t talk that way in real life and I hate that kind of pretentious shit, so I write like I talk), and updates to the website etc. – basically, just anything new going on that might interest people who like this album and want to stay informed. I’m notoriously bad about updating stuff, but I promise I will try to change and become a better (or at least more consistent) blogger 🙂

So I guess the first news is I’m trying to install a sidebar plugin that will allow people to share things they like without it being annoying (and I need to hear shit like that – if I change the site in some way that pisses you off TELL ME about it please).

I’m also working on installing a plugin that will allow people to be notified of new stuff through their RSS feed. I follow about a dozen sites that way, I don’t have time to go visit sites I like on the off chance they might have added stuff to it, and I’m sure you are just as busy, so I feel it’s kind of a courtesy thing.

So wack to bork (+3 bonus points to oldsters who get that reference).

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