The CDs

I will sell a CD Package for $25.00, just contact me with the subject line CYBORG and let me know what you want me to write on the personal note. I only accept Paypal, they accept all major credit cards, so I will not have any of your personal information other than the address I ship the CDs to (shipping is free).

It consists of 2 CDs, a 28 Page Color Booklet, a personalized and autographed C.Y.B.O.R.G. card and a high-gloss Starmap.

It is a do-it-yourself project, here are more details and pictures: (the pictures do not do it justice – they are from a cheap cellphone, and sometimes flash looked better, but sometimes introduced too much glare, so please don’t judge them too harshly – the first 15 went to family, the musicians, and close friends, and they all told me they thought they were very cool – and I trust their opinions. (If they thought they sucked, they would flat out say it, they are very opinionated and say what they think. I don’t tolerate fools or “yes men” around me, that’s partly why they are my friends and colleagues).

They are constructed by hand of ultra heavy cardstock case with industrial staples, individually serial numbered, with an authentic melted wax seal symbol surrounded by stars, and held securely with a strong velcro fastener.

For the original prototypes I created a stencil, and thought it would be great to spray paint the C.Y.B.O.R.G. logo onto the front, glue on metallic eyes (the glare is the flash reflecting off the metal eyes), and label my name. This proved unfeasible for so many reasons I won’t go into it here:

So Vistaprint to the rescue again, I had them make me some hi-gloss business cards, so the CD cases look like this now:

2 CDs with inkjet C.Y.B.O.R.G. logo and a super-fine printed detailed starmap, each CD is burned on a Pentium 4 PC loaded with a fast reliable CD/DVD burner with Nero software at 16x and data verified. This takes longer, but they are guaranteed to play in any CD player. The tracks (18 tracks on disc 1 and 14 tracks on disc 2) are gapless like Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon and The Wall albums: one song seamlessly flows into the next with sound effects and/or narration from the INVISIBLE EYE or a character in the story.

The 28 page full color booklet tells the complete story of The CYBORG’S journey, and each page has an illustration or photo that follows the storyline. It is printed on 24 lb. 163 whiteness with a ’97’ sun emblem – basically the heaviest, brightest paper I could find. The booklet is hand cut and stapled with a modified Swingline stapler (because Milton Waddams knows his shit) for exact centering precision. It really is a work of art created with Open Office Writer. (Once again, the camera sucked, but it is the exact words and pictures found on the pages Story & Lyrics Disc 1 and Story & Lyrics Disc 2🙂

The Starmap is a postcard I outsourced to Vistaprint, it turned out superb from a map I created with paintshop from actual star positions located within a 25 lightyear radius from our sun. The positions of the stars are real. It is printed on a postcard of standard size (4″ x 6″). I was just blown away by the high gloss finish and detail, anyone who has used Vistaprint knows how good they are at that stuff.

Also included is a separate Credits page and Thank You list to my family, musicians and friends and a picture of me (mostly just to fill up the blank space – I know no one wants to look at my ugly 50 year old mug)

And to finish it off, I wanted to put a personalized touch to the package, so I melt red wax and stamp it with my seal on the back. Finally, each CD case is numbered, and will include a card with a hand written note thanking you for supporting the project.

I guess what it boils down to is a nostalgia – I remember my vinyl LPs I had when I was a kid, and it was always so cool opening the package, and reading the liner notes while listening to the album, and some of the albums were REALLY cool and I loved them because they included extra stuff that you would find in no other album. It just made the whole experience more special for me somehow, and I miss those days. Maybe that’s part of the reason vinyl is making such a resurgence. All I know is I’m sick of the cookie cutter CD jewel cases that are all identical.

I’m working on a short video showing how I hand make each individual CD package: Coming soon.