Beneath The Iceberg

SPOILER ALERT : Whenever you suspect a symbolism, allusion or metaphor but don’t quite “get” it, this is the place to come to find out what I was thinking – it may be “deep”, or funny, or stupid or just because it “felt right” to me. But some people HATE over explanations or being told of “behind the scenes” things. BTW, the Dossier is filled with spoilers, FYI.

So read ICEBERGS first before continuing. If, after reading that you do want to know what the hell was going on in my fucked up, ADD & OCD mind, then by all means, click the back button and dive right into the deep end of this crazy pool  😛

This is going to take the form of an unordered list, a fitting form for the unorganized way my unorganized mind developed and kept adding to this eight year project in intense, sporadic bursts as ideas and songs kept coming to me.

What do all these allusions, symbols, and metaphors allude to or mean, and why did you choose this: word/number/picture/phrase/etc.?

  • Douglas Adams had a HUGE influence on this project. Marvin the paranoid android, space travel, improbability drives – all that shit is beyond cool to me and only Dr. Who (I like Tom Baker and grew to like Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy. I was kind of “meh” on the first “NextGen” doctors, but I love David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi, altho the death of a certain person has me really pissed off) comes close in sci-fi. That’s why CYBORG is UNIT 42, and uhh, other stuff I can’t think of right now..
  • Roger Zelazny wrote a book called “My Name Is Legion” that had a story with a robot designed for deep space exploration who was controlled by people on earth via a “feedback loop” – they could feel, hear and see what said robot did, and vice versa to a certain extent. It had a major influence on me. Roger is maybe my favorite author, right next to Jack Vance and Gene Wolfe. It literally broke my heart when I learned of his passing in 1995 (Christ that’s over 20 years ago now. I can’t help but grieve over what he might have written during those lost years).
  • I’ve tried reading Moby Dick about 4 times, and I get stuck about halfway through every time, I don’t know why other than it is just difficult for me. I do allude to it in the lyrics of “Adrift”: ‘…a pseudo Ahab so dismal, my whale died long ago’. His mission to find alien life had become his white whale, and after the death of his son he was like an Ahab who just didn’t give a shit any longer.
  • His name, David Benedict has meanings to me on many levels. I’ll try to explain, but we’ll have to go back to Zelazny here a little bit. In his epic Amber series, the ultimate General and warrior is one of the Nine Princes named Benedict, and he was never defeated in outright battle except through trickery or deception. But CYBORG also ultimately betrayed his own race as he grew to love the Jzhinn, so it’s a double meaning RE his traitor status making him a Benedict Arnold.
  • CYBORG himself is a symbol: he represents the Spirit of Revolution, which can never be destroyed – kill it, and like the Phoenix it rises newborn from the ashes in another form somewhere else.
  • My father is (was, RIP) David Sr., I am David Jr., and my son is David III. So with the time dilation effect of lightspeed travel, in a way I was able to put myself in the shoes of all three generations: he saw his son grow old and die, a terrible thought for me. I saw my own father die, and the thought of losing my son… I just can’t even go there. When I thought of how CYBORG must have felt from all those perspectives, you can tell that I was writing from the heart, and the pain for me is as real as it gets (it didn’t help that my mother passed at the age of 44 from ovarian cancer). I would like to say it was a cathartic experience that gave me “closure” and helps me come to terms with my own impending doom, and the pain my son will feel at my passing, but that would be a bullshit lie. It hurts, it will always hurt and if my son ever reads this I want you to know  my beautiful boy that I love you and will ALWAYS love you, and the good Lord permitting will watch over you beyond the grave as your guardian angel. ENOUGH. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.
  • The Conciliators of Time: I visualize them as a sort of intergalactic time-travel governing body: sort of like Dr. Who’s the Time Lords, but a lot more secretive and sinister (the Dr. Who TLs seem like bumbling idiots). Or possibly benevolent, that’s the point, nobody knows. In my imagination they have enormous resources and their prime objective is to prevent tampering with major historical facts: for instance, they wouldn’t allow somebody to travel back in time and kill Hitler, or let Napoleon defeat Wellington, or perhaps THEY were the second shooter on the grassy knoll because JFK was supposed to die then, for some reason only known to them. They may be aliens, angels or A.I. supercomputers of the future. The mystery is what I like.
  • Freedom: I loved that name for his ship from the moment I thought of it – the idea actually came from my son who asked me one day, “what is freedom?” and I stuttered a bit and told him I honestly didn’t know exactly. It proves to be prophetic in that his final crash “frees” the Earth’s population from an iron cage (albeit at a horrific cost) even as the ship becomes his cage that he’s trapped in.