I became a CDBaby member a long time ago, and they distribute my music through their site as well as most major digital distribution sites: iTunes, Google Play, Shazam, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music, N1M, Groove Music, Rhapsody (I’m listed as EMO/Hardcore there wtf!?), Muzoic, Yandex.MusicRedMP3, and others – for instance as of 1-10-2016 My Only Friends Are Aliens is the #1 song played in Missouri on N1M (#Indie Rock). CDBaby said their digital distro includes these also, but I’m fucked if I can find them: Amazon, iHeartRadio (I think you have to download an app or something), eMusic, MixRadio, Medianet, Tradebit, Slacker, 24-7, 7digital, Deezer, Omnifone, InProdicon, Guvera, JB Hi-fi NOW Music, boinc, GreatIndieMusic, Rara etc. etc.

I’m only making physical handmade CDs for promotional purposes because they are very time consuming to make. You can check out the details of the physical CDs HERE. If you decide you absolutely MUST have one, I’ll make you one and ship it to you (U.S. ONLY) for a flat fee of $25.00 (shipping included). I only accept Paypal, which also processes all major credit cards so I will have none of your personal information other than the address I ship the CDs to.

princealbert(It is 32 songs, so it’s a double album with a 28 page color booklet telling the story and lyrics, along with a map of the CYBORG’s journeys and a handwritten note – tell me what you want me to write, EXAMPLE: “For my friend Prince Albert, I hope they release you from the can in the very near future. All the best, Dave Ryder”). Place orders here and use CYBORG as the subject line :


The Concept:
These events occur in the near future: the Earth can no longer feed and water it’s population of over 11 billion people. In the inevitable world war that ensues a fighter pilot named David Benedict crashes his bomber/jet, and, having reached Kurzweil’s point of singularity, his modified memories are downloaded into a robot prototype made by the Cybernetics of Yokohama Binary Operations Robotics Group. It is made of a Titanium Carbide alloy encased in Chromium plating and given the designation “Unit 42”.

David’s entire life has been monitored by a microscopic sized observing device referred to as the INVISIBLE EYE. It sends continuous reports to a shadow organization known only as The Conciliators of Time whose purpose is unknown. At the conclusion of David’s mission, the INVISIBLE EYE transmits it’s recorded data to every media reporter’s computer on the planet. This results in incredible, world changing events that aren’t included in the album, but are revealed on the Beneath The Iceberg page. Read Icebergs first if you hate spoilers.

The Musicians:
Dave Ryder: Guitars, keyboards, vocals, bass, drums, and sound effects.
Chris Rose and Kent Hall: Drums
Don Cole: Piano, synthesizers, and organs
Dan McHugh and Keith Halley: Bass

UPDATE: Some people have said the Spotify tracks have “skips” or “static” in them. Also some people don’t like Spotify. In that case I have uploaded some of the songs as 320 Kbps MP3s (highest quality) at SoundCloud, you can hear the songs there.

You can stream the music for free from Spotify if you don’t want to or can’t afford to support this project please at least listen to a couple of the songs I think are especially good: My Only Friends Are Aliens, These Old Rocks, Driving In Starlight, Glitch, and Man From Mars. These are some of the songs people tell me sound like “hits”.

Some people say the album starts off slow. That’s not intentional, I decided to follow a linear storyline and not get fancy with flashbacks, or reverse story telling, etc. – the events unfold in the order they occur, and it happens that the first few songs are kind of mellow before the rockers start to kick in. Besides, a wise old musician I learned a lot from (Buzzy Martin, one of the original members of the Soulard Blues Band) once told me about taking a solo, “don’t blow your wad in the first 2 seconds – start off slow, and pull out some of your best chops as you go, and gradually build it to a climax”. I think the same thing can be said of telling a story, so the slow start is maybe one of those “happy accidents” that sometimes just happen.