Story & Lyrics Disc 2

Driving In Starlight

I’ve been driving kind of crazy lately
Through the starlight
I’ve been driving kind of crazy lately
Through the pain.. pain… pain…

‘Cause it’s a little piece of my old life
Rising up from the darkness in my mind
I’m like a fisherman casting nets
Looking for searching for some things I can’t see yet…

[ MISSION CONTROL : “Unit 42, you have 73 unanswered dispatches from central command. Also you have not shut down for 37 consecutive days. Mission Control strongly recommends 8 hour periods of shutdown and reboot every 24 hours. Failure to do so could have adverse effects to your cognitive functions, jeopardizing the mission.” ]



[ MISSION CONTROL : “Unit 42 you are off course, not communicating, malfunctioning and have disabled our ability to manually override the ship’s controls. At this point we are terminating the mission and assuming some catastrophic event has rendered you inoperable. We will, however, continue to monitor these frequencies in the hopes that you somehow repair yourself and express a desire to continue the mission. Good luck 42, mission control out.” ]


In olden days the sailors would get sick at sea
Wild-eyed and crazed, is this what’s happening to me?
Storm’s on the way: rudderless, lost and becalmed
Day after day, can’t steer the ship through this fog

All the aren’ts, all the ain’ts everything saved
The could’ve been, would’ve beens gone like the day
I wish I may wish I might don’t be surprised
When all you are granted is tears in your eyes

Tears in your eyes

‘Cause I’m lonely I’ve been out to sea too long
It’s only I can’t feel the ground and that’s wrong


Children Of The Void
[ CYBORG : “I see lights.” ]
A tiny ring of lights revealed themselves to be
A caravan of ships so enormous to see
A single one of them could hold hundreds of Freedoms
On this one sacred day and night of their year
I was allowed to dock and join without fear
They sing and dance all night, it was a joy to see them

Children of the Void. Children of the Void.
Children of the Void, their planet’s been destroyed
And they don’t know where to go go go go go go go go GO!

Almost out of air and things to stay alive
Their kindness brought something back I thought had died
And we danced from ship to ship and they accepted me
I knew in my heart that this was just one more
Aching pain of loss that my data banks would store
And when we said farewell it was
The last straw that finally broke me…



I Don’t Know

I don’t know who I am and I don’t know what I do
And I don’t know who I’m supposed to be
And I don’t know what is real to me

And I don’t care if the sun won’t shine
And I don’t care if I live or die
I just want to go home but I don’t know where to go
I just want to go home….

Disconnect me blind and deafen me turn my
Feelings off tell my thoughts to stop I feel my
Sight growing dim short circuits burn my
Analogue brain everything is breaking again
They said that I wouldn’t feel any pain
They lied to me nothing’s ever hurt so bad


[ MISSION CONTROL : “Unit 42, did you try to make contact? Unit 42 have you been attempting to make contact? Please respond, Unit 42 . Unit 42, this is Mission Control. We’re attempting to make contact, and responding to your attempt to make contact with us. Please respond Unit 42.” ]

[ CYBORG : “Goodbye.” ]

This World

The emptiness inside my heart is like the cold and endless dark
Surrounding me beneath a silent sea
Tiny sparks of light appear, drifting slowly past I fear
I’ve lost my will ennui has taken me…

They were watching, I never knew it
The whispers in my ear contributed to the fear

Well I fly black skies… wasting time, barely noticed
This world holds nothing for me…nothing for me…

How long can I endure this expedition poisoning my soul
A pseudo Ahab so dismal my whale died long ago
Raging through infinity, abandoned by humanity
I’ll set a course for nowhere I don’t care

They are watching my every movement
The paranoia crept, into the very depths of my poor soul



[ MISSION CONTROL : “ …please respond, Unit 42. Unit 42 according to our calculations your current trajectory is a heading directly into the star Gliese 581. If you do not immediately change course you will not be able to escape the gravity well. This is a Red Alert Condition. Please respond unit 42…” ]

[ CYBORG : “Ha ha ha I understand the “gravity” of the situation.” ]

Lost [Sundive]

Lost…. lost… lost…. lost…
Out here, the stars all around
Losing speed, breaking down all alone… lost….lost…
In my brain, I hear the ghosts – echoes of days of old
What I would give… lost… lost… lost….lost…
[ MISSION CONTROL : “Unit 42 you have set your controls for the heart of Gliese 581. This trajectory will utterly destroy your ship and yourself. ]
All alone, and my body’s dead: I got eternity weighing
‘Round my neck like black lead
All I hear is distorted buzz, lying on the floor
A wretched shadow of the man I was… Sundive… Sundive…


INVISIBLE EYE : This is the point in time that David Benedict makes 1st contact with an alien species. They refer to themselves as “Jzhinn”. Fearing the ship Freedom and the purpose of David’s “sundive”, they scramble to intercept and manage to use a tractor beam and land the damaged ship on their home planet.

On Fire

All my life I was faster
I was screaming I was dreaming

All my life was disaster
They got faster, man and master
I’m on fire. I’m on fire. I’m on fire. I’m on fire.

INVISIBLE EYE : Finding David harmless, they form a true friendship, and repair his faulty circuits. They are unable to fix his emotional and neurotic
damage, but allow him to explore the city, or “Hive”, as they attempt to repair his ship. This proves unfortunate for the Jzhinn.

Alien To Me

I’ve seen 11 moons over Saturn V
Sometimes I swear my ship is alive
And I’ve seen hellish cobalt skies
Burning radiation through my electronic eyes
The acid death rain threatens my metal hide
As I wade through puddles of cyanide

Sometimes…sometimes I wonder why

I’ve made First Contact with a life that lives
They found it hard to believe my creators can give
After all that they have taken from me
Everything they have taken from me

It’s alien to them… It’s alien to me… It’s alien to them… It’s alien to me…

saturn- v

INVISIBLE EYE : While repairing David’s ship, the Jzhinn open up canisters containing extremely contagious viral samples designed to kill 99% of all living organisms. David was not aware of the canisters, they were intended to be detonated manually from earth if deemed necessary. The Jzhinn opened them out of simple curiosity, and within 24 hours over half the Jzhinn population was exterminated, and 99% of the remaining Jzhinn were sick and dying. The Jzhinn, reading David’s mind, knew he was innocent and held him blameless.

My Only Friends Are Aliens

When you decide to end it all, check out and leave your bags
There’s a funny feeling you get
Like you’re dreaming on a movie set

When it’s time to take the plunge, you hardly feel the fear
What I mostly felt was freedom
(She’s such a lovely girl, you know)
It was good to see her through the tears

I…. I was ready to go, I was ready you know

After the fall when they patched me up
And set my broken bones
Though they couldn’t fix my mind
They were wise enough to give me time

They let me be and went to work on Freedom
(She’s such a lovely girl, you know)
It was good to see the old girl
Back on her legs and ready to fly

I…. I was ready to go, I was ready you know


INVISIBLE EYE : The Jzhinn tell David of the virus, and that they are dying. They ignore his guilt, shame and rage, and urge him to focus instead on an opportunity to save another race: the Children of the Void. The Children have been travelling in a vast circle according to a pre-programmed flight pattern set centuries before. Their yearly circle-of-ships ceremony is symbolic of their journey, which is nearing it’s end: the planet they had been forced to leave centuries before is once again habitable, radiation levels have dropped, and the nuclear winter ended long ago, allowing life to flourish once again. He can return to them with enough supplies and a star map from the Jzhinn to guide them back to their home, a planet very near to them now. He vows to do this before returning to his home. They know they cannot change his mind about exacting revenge upon his creators, but reassure him that the Jzhinn will survive: A tiny portion of the population has proven resistant to the virus, and they are hopeful that enough Jzhinn will survive to have a viable gene pool. He flies Freedom into the huge carrier the Jzhinn have loaded with supplies for the Children of the Void, and pilots the carrier at incredible speeds to meet up with the caravan, where he is welcomed as a returning hero…

Big Black Sky

I’m loading up the lasers and I’m ready to die
Reaching for Nirvana but i don’t know why
Sometimes a ‘bot’s just gotta break his program and fly
I’m loading up the lasers and heading out into the

Big Black Sky… Big Black Sky… Big Black Sky… Big Black Sky…

I want to cry but my eyes are just sensors to me
My cameras function dry they’re only built to see
I’ve got a funny feeling where my heart used to be
I’m loading up the lasers and heading out into the

Big Black Sky… Big Black Sky… Big Black Sky… Big Black Sky…


[ CYBORG : “Your planet is very beautiful. Goodbye, and good luck.” ]

I Was A Man

I was a man I was a tiny island, drifting floating in an ocean
Battered by waves and storms
No different from the others I called my friends

Now I’m more machine than man

I was alive, I thought: hard as nails and driven, a tool of demolition
Hammered by men and beasts posing as the light
Required to end the endless night

They were more machine than men

Now to find I’m neither living nor deceased
Existing in a no mans land comfortably calm and Zen
Before the storm before the end and finally giving what I can

It’s not the flesh that makes the man


[ CYBORG : “I am coming home.” ]

Cage [ Skinner Box ]
No more: love, pain, sky, rain, touch, taste, thirst, waste, blinders, anger now it’s rage
No way out this Skinner Box is not my cage, not my cage,
Not my cage, not my cage, not my cage, not my cage…..


INVISIBLE EYE : The CYBORG does not recognize the earth as he begins re-entry during his Kamikaze attack on the White House: the planet is red, because it has been almost entirely encased in enormous slabs of rusted metal. Only a few historic relics of the past are preserved to the open sky. The Historic White House Museum is one such relic. Unfortunately, automated planetary defense systems are activated during his descent, and even with his cybernetic speed and processing power he is unable to dodge every incoming missile, and is struck by one and has his power partially jammed by a focused electromagnetic pulse, causing his ship to fall in a nearly uncontrollable tumbling rotation. It is a testament to his piloting skills that he somehow manages to crash land on the White House lawn.


Do you see what I’m seeing? I think you do
The world is RED, spinning ’round. Everything gets me down

Do you feel how I’m feeling? I think you do
The Word is read, twisted ’round.
All the variations get me down…


INVISIBLE EYE : [David Benedict’s final words: ]
[ CYBORG : “So beautiful…” ]

Head Over Heels

I’m going back to the place where I was born
I’m going back to the only home I’ve known
I’m sick and tired, and I’m sick of being alone
I’m going back to where I was falling

Head… Head over heels (I’m falling…)

I know I’ll never smell that sweet Kentucky blue grass
And we’ll never sip lemonade on the porch
I’ll never hold my wife’s hand beneath the harvest moon
It seems like all my dreams have fallen

Head… Head over heels (I’m falling…..)


[ NEWS REPORT : “…. and finally, a robotic probe launched by the discontinued NASA program over 300 years ago crash landed on the lawns of the historic White House Museum, early this morning. Only minor injuries were reported. The impact created a fairly massive crater, and the explosion could be heard from miles away according to witnesses, who described the event as a flaming streak of light, followed by a fireball and explosion…” ]


And then…. here is where we leave the story, and enter the treacherous realms of icebergs, spoilers and conjecture. If you want to know what happens next, and demand to know the hidden meanings of all the symbolisms and sly allusions found throughout my obsession (and finding more music that simply wouldn’t fit onto this already too long double album) you will have to go to Beneath The Iceberg where you will find all these things and more. It’s your choice: if you enjoyed the CDs and are happy with the experience, then maybe you don’t want to go.

I have a web page titled “Icebergs”, and it may help you in deciding if you want to take the next step on CYBORG’S journey. I hope you do come along for the ride, just out of sheer vanity, but if you choose not to, thanks for the listen: I sincerely hope you were entertained.

– Dave Ryder, December 7th, 2015

This album is dedicated to my son, David III.
I love you. You have always been, and will always be, my best friend. God Bless You.